1 Can I participate in all games in Multiverse with HERO and STEP tokens?

Of course. All games in the Step Hero P2E Multiverse, although different in gameplay, share the same $STEP and $HERO tokens. Holders of $STEP and $HERO will be able to use tokens in the game and earn $STEP and $HERO rewards.

2 Where can I buy $STEP and $HERO tokens?
3 Right now, how can I make money with Step Hero P2E Multiverse?

As an user, you can earn in several ways, such as:

  • Earning award prizes when winning in Player versus Player (PvP) battles.
  • Selling in-game items such as healing potions, power-impulse-potions, and self-crafted weapons on the marketplace for money.
  • Upgrading characters and trading them later. The more unique and powerful their characters are, the more profit users earn.
  • Hunting for $STEP tokens with Bounty Hunting feature: https://market.stephero.io/hunting
  • Get new Hero NFT with Summon Gate: https://market.stephero.io/summon
4 Will your multiverse extend to multi-chain?

Sure. In the future, we will expand the ecosystem to other networks besides Binance Smart Chain.

5 Will your platform will be available on phone?

Of course, in our multiverse, there will be many mobile games for players to enjoy.

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